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PAPITA, the company was founded in Dubai in 1992, at a time when the electronics industry had just gained immense popularity and thousands of new products were introduced to consumers every day. In the ever-transitioning industry of technology devices, 30 years of experience and much-earned credibility still excites us today, to tirelessly serve our valued customers with honesty and great admiration.

With a highly motivated team and the enduring passion to amplify our footprint in the widely expanding sphere of tech devices, we strive to serve efficiently, effectively and above all truthfully. At the heart of our mission is always putting the customer first, providing genuine products, genuine low prices, and providing genuine service.

With humble beginnings under the leadership of a brilliant seasoned businessman & founding father, we’ve seen decades of consistent growth and now positioned ourselves ideally to meet all our customers’ needs with aspiring sales initiatives and on-time inventory fulfillments, offering a very large variety of ever-growing range of products of world-leading brands such as mobile phones, gadgets, gaming, wearables, augmented & virtual reality devices, notebooks & laptops, enhancements and so on in wholesale, retail, re-export and now e-commerce.

Recently launched has already seen exponential growth. Our result-oriented, time-bound, transparent, and adaptable to new technological tools approach has so far yielded rich results for us. We recently introduced “buy now pay later” to our wide portfolio of services. As we enter into this new chapter, we are extremely excited and would like to deepen our gratitude to our valued customers for trusting us. We will work extremely hard to live up to this trust.

We, at PAPITA, have come a very long way over the several decades and looking forward to the next decade of growth, we strive to build a leading house committed to excellence in our organization’s growth, being guided by our mission and visionary team.

All of us at PAPITA are thrilled, and we humbly thank everyone for their trust and unwavering support over the years, today and into the future.

“Great brands start brand-building inside”

My career as an entrepreneur began at the age of 17 and a half, over 30 years ago.

Several very successful brands and products were founded and co-founded by me well ahead of their time. While my companies continue to grow, I am still working on new projects, am in charge of growth and lead passionately from the front. I believe a combination of strategy, knowledge, and a determined outcome plan will definitely yield the results I desire. This also includes the constant motivation that keeps me striving for greatness. The foundations of my institutions are trust, honesty, clarity, strength, integrity, and a strong focus on the future.

My success is attributed to my family and to the inspiration I gather from them to perform my duties, my values I was raised with, the teachings of my guru and mentor, my father, who was a businessman for over 55 years of his life.

Building new ventures, investing in tomorrow with young minds, and constantly learning along the way are some of my goals.

Thank You,
Tarun K. Balani
Co-founder & CEO

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